Flange protection

The flange is a mechanical piece intended for a non-permanent coupling of other pieces, for example pipes, by means of screws or bolts. For flange protection, for the safety of pipes that use flanged fittings, in particular with treated bodies (eg: ceramic) BMP produces special caps also made to measure.

The cover is the ideal protection to protect flanges and valves from DN 10 to DN 450 and for the version that only protects the coupling we produce up to DN 500.

BMP TAPPI Flange Covers are easy to insert, just a slight push but offer a perfect seal with the three blades under the head. It might seem like a complicated procedure, but instead the installation of the flange protections can be manual and extremely simple thanks to the blades that adapt to the various diameters.

The standard color is yellow for most of ranges but on request we can produce them in various colours. We can also insert logos or writings in relief on the cap head, all measures are prepared. The cost of this insertion is quantified at cost and is one-off.

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