Plastic caps and protection plugs

Thanks to 121 injection molding machines, a large warehouse and production in a continuous cycle all week, the production of plastic caps and plugs is able to satisfy in a very short time the requests and orders of our customers and fulfil orders without waited.

Our items are suitable for both light and heavy industry, for pharmaceuticals, mechanics, chemicals and cosmetics. In particular, our plastic plugs can be used for the protection of threads, tube closures, bottles of creams and medicines.

The range of cylindrical plugs is the most complete with over 200 sizes as well as the cheapest and, as for all our production, always in stock.

By clicking HERE you will access our online catalog and you can view the specific sheets of plastic caps and plugs where all the measures in which they are made and other physical characteristics are indicated.

Finally, we remind you that thanks to our workshop it is possible to create customized molds and on request to meet particular needs.

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