BMP protection plugs is a leading company in the field of tapered plugs

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If you’re looking for high quality customizable solutions for all of your needs of tapered plugs, you’ll have to rely on an experienced producer, a leading company in the sector that can guarantee the quality of the final product.. For all of these reasons, you’ve just come to the right place!

BMP protection plugs is the Italian leader in the field of tapered plugs for every industrial application you could imagine. Our wide range of products includes thread protection devices, sealing plug for the hydraulic field, pipe end closures, flange protectors, ribbed inserts for round-square-rectangular and oval tubes, high temperature caps and plugs, scaffold protections, tapered plugs, plastic covers and many more. Come take a look at our catalogue, and find the tapered plugs you need for your products.

Since 1960, our catalogue has been more and more growing. Thanks to our investments in technological updating, in fact, we’ve managed to create brand new applications in the field of protective plastic caps as soon as the demand changed. Today, the experience of BMP protection plugs is reflected over a number of fields of application, including those sectors such as the pharma industry, the chemical and cosmetic applications, and the food sector.

But this is still not everything you need to know about BMP. If you have any particular needs for what concerns tapered plugs, we can provide you with a number of customizable solutions and customer care services. Thanks to our in-house design workshop, in fact, our technicians will make sure that every request coming from our customers is to be fully satisfied. We can meet your requirements by modifying our already-existing models, and also we can create brand new products based on your requests. So, what are you still waiting for? Visit our website now, the tapered plugs solutions you’ve been looking for are already waiting for you!

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