BMP protection plugs is an Italian top-quality producer of threaded plugs.

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BMP protection plugs is an Italian company who has succeeded in becoming an international leader in the field of plastic and rubber protections for all industrial applications. Our products are in fact used in a number of different industrial fields, including the pharma sector, the steel and iron industry, the high precision metal working sector, and many others such as the refrigeration industry and the food sector.

The key to our success lies in continuous investments in technological update and research. our highly qualified technicians are in fact always looking for the newest solutions, because we want to be always one step forward technologically. Among the latest additions to our catalogue, one can find such products as full-face flange protectors, grease nipple caps, o-ring sealing threaded plugs, parallel protection plugs, pipe protection caps, rectangular thin layer inserts, round thin plate inserts, soft end caps, square thin layer inserts, tapered plug with pull – in a word, everything concerning the field of threaded plugs. Come take a look at our newest products!

BMP protection plugs has been founded in 1960, and for the last fifty years or so our company has managed to reach productive excellence by making quality one of our most important goals. All of our applications, including of course the threaded plugs, are certified according to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 international standards for quality. Moreover, our customer care services guarantee the full satisfaction of all of your needs: in fact, we provide our customers with fully customizable solutions not only for what concerns products, but also from the point of view of sales terms and conditions for delivery. Visit our website, compare prices and find the solution for all of your needs!

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