Coperchi per Flange a cosa servono

Flange covers: what is their use, characteristics and fields of application

Flange covers are used to close valves and precisely flanges before assembly, in a variety of industries: petrochemical, oleodynamic, pharmaceutical, and food. Do you know exactly what they are used for and what their main applications are?

To understand what this is all about, it should be pointed out that flanges are components that serve to:

  • create a non-permanent connection between a pipe and other parts (such as other pipes or valves) using screws or bolts
  • block a part of an element, to make the connection more solid

To increase the lifespan of the flanges, the use of special protectors, such as covers, is recommended. Let’s take a closer look at their main features and applications.

Flange covers what is their use?

Flanges are components composed of several parts that, with the passage of time, or when in contact with chemicals, water, or other external elements, may deteriorate, corrode, or suffer abrasion during storage or transportation prior to sale or installation.

A flange cover, therefore, performs a protective action. For example, it temporarily covers or seals the component to prevent damage and contamination, or it can be placed on classic pipes subjected to the strong pressure to prevent breakage.

In summary, flange covers are useful because:

  • prevent any leaks in the connections 
  • protect flanges from weathering, corrosion, liquid or gas leaks, shipping damage, and contamination
  • provide a secure closure 
  • preserve open ends
  • insulate and seal the pipe or components into which they are inserted 
  • prevent seepage and failure

The main features of flange covers

Designed as protective devices, covers must preserve the flanges by preventing them from being damaged. To do so, they must have certain characteristics.

First and foremost, they must fit or match the flange, respecting its size, shape and type. Then they must be easy to apply, durable, and made of a material that can last for a long period of time, warding off damage or breakage, and enabling safe and reliable connections.

Therefore, evaluating a plastic flange cover may be a good solution. In fact, this material is very versatile and resists the passage of liquids, chemicals and temperature changes as well.

Flange covers: the most common applications

Flanges are used in a variety of industries including the petrochemical, mechanical engineering, pharmaceutical, and food industries, as well as in the construction and hydraulics sectors

For example, they are often used to join classic pipes subjected to high pressure (as they provide a better seal) or in machining (to connect different metal parts).

There are different types of flanges (threaded, covering, coupling or interlocking, flat, stepped…) depending on the attachment or sealing surface.

Flange covers, therefore, are also different because they need to fit easily to preserve the integrity of the system or material (such as a pipe) and protect it, preventing seepage and ensuring a stronger and more solid seal.

Why choose a BMP TAPPI flange protector

So far, we have seen the areas where flanges are most commonly used and why they should be combined with specific protective covers.

Our products fit perfectly into any type of flange, are easily, manually and quickly applied. In case they need to be inserted into a pipe, for example, a little push is enough to ensure a perfect and long-lasting seal. This is possible thanks to the presence of the adaptable slats under the head that conform to various diameters.

At BMP TAPPI in addition to classic flange covers, you can find versions with different rifling diameters, adhesive and cover discs. All products that – in their standard version – are available for prompt delivery in our warehouse, the best stocked in Europe in the field of plastic caps.

By relying on us you can get:

  • technical advice 
  • purchase support and order confirmation within 24 hours 
  • sending of free samples
  • fast delivery worldwide

In addition, if you do not find what you are looking for, you can always request customization of the cover, taking advantage of a consultation tailored to meet your needs.


When to consider customization?

At BMP TAPPI we specialize in making plastic caps and covers for all types of flanges. In the catalog you can find very strong flange protectors made of polyethylene. They are available in different sizes, from DN 10 to DN 450, going up to DN 500 for the version that protects only the coupling.

The standard color with which we produce these products is usually yellow, but we can customize your flange covers by offering different colours, varying the diameter of the head, inserting logos and embossed lettering on the head of the cap.

The advantages of customizing a product? We list here three of them:

  • customizing the head diameter of a cover can be useful in case you cannot find a product compatible with the flange you are using
  • improve the level of safety by adding an inscription or warning on the cover
  • changing the color or adding a logo on the cover can also be convenient in terms of aesthetics and brand recognition

BMP TAPPI offers all these customization options at competitive (and one-time) costs.


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