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The importance of plastic plugs in the automotive and pneumatic sector

The plastic caps for the automotive industry are a fundamental element of the system because they fit into the vital parts of the vehicle and protect its components.

For this reason, whether they are standard or personalized, stoppers must be assessed and chosen with extreme care, considering shape, size, functionality, and even the material they are made of. Plastic, in particular, has many advantages including a wide flexibility of use which does not affect too much the final costs of those who are involved in finishing a system or making a replacement.

In this article, we will illustrate to you why it is better to choose plastic caps for the automotive and pneumatic industries, and what are the different types available.

Plastic caps for automotive and pneumatics: what types are available?

All the components and systems made both for the automotive sector and for the pneumatic sector, such as the cooling or fuel system, to give an example, are designed down to the smallest detail so that the vehicle works perfectly, smoothly, and safely.

Often the focus is on large components, such as the gearbox or the brakes. Yet, among the fundamental elements that guarantee the safety and functionality of the vehicle, we certainly find plastic caps.

Types of caps for the automotive industry

Caps are crucial and can be used in different ways in the automotive sector. An example? They can protect the fuel tank, avoiding risky fluid leaks and compromises of the system, as well as the vehicle itself.

The radiator cap and the expansion cap, on the other hand, not only retain the coolant (avoiding evaporation), but come into operation when the tank pressure increases. This is performed by venting the tension that has built up within the cooling system and setting up the driver that the vehicle has a problem, turning on a warning light on the dashboard.

Then there are aesthetic hole-cover caps, with an aesthetic rather than a more functional value, useful for closing any holes made during the assembly phase or safeguarding the wheel bolts of the vehicle.

Thus, which plastic caps can you use? In the automotive sector, for example, you can choose between:

  • caps for the radiator (and expansion tank), for the cooling system
  • plugs for engine oil and differential, for the lubrication system
  • caps for the power steering system, the pump, and the expansion tank
  • caps for the fuel system, the fuel tank, and the air cleaner
  • caps catalysts and mufflers, for the exhaust system
  • caps for the brake fluid reservoir, for the brake system.

The types of plugs for pneumatics

Similarly, in automotive pneumatics caps are critical because they are applied to the valves to maintain the correct tire pressure and maximum driving safety.

So for pneumatics, you can evaluate these plastic caps:

  • valve cover caps
  • plastic caps

The aforementioned all caps, as far as the pneumatics are concerned, perform different functions. For example, they protect the rubber from the accumulation of dirt that can be deposited inside the valve and prevent a decrease in pressure.

Tappi in Plastica per la Pneumatica, BMP Tappi

Why is the use of plastic caps so important?

The plastic caps are used in various industrial fields. The automotive sector is one of these: a sector in which safety and maximum efficiency cannot be lacking.

Going into more detail, they are important on four levels:

  • Protection. They contribute fundamentally to reducing the risk of leaks and contamination that can endanger the functionality of the vehicle. Furthermore, they regulate the flows of the systems correctly.
  • Efficiency. They seal the systems and prevent any leakage of liquids (such as oil and fuel).
  • Safety. They protect systems and prevent any liquid (or pressure) leaks. This way the vehicle is safe.
  • Aesthetics. Useful to enhance the vehicle and protect any exposed delicate parts of the vehicle.

Why choose plastic as a cap material?

The plugs for the automotive and pneumatics (as well as for other sectors) can be made in different materials, such as metal alloys, rubber, and plastic.

In particular, plastic is recommended because, in addition to offering quality and efficiency, it has numerous advantages:

  • it is light and resistant
  • it is easy to work with and transform into the desired shapes and sizes
  • it has a low cost

The lightness and great flexibility make plastic one of the most suitable materials for the production of pressure and customized caps. Products to be adapted to each vehicle to improve performance and safety, respecting innovation and design.

They are perfect for prolonged use and can even be treated to increase reliability, resistance to temperatures, pressure, corrosion, and wear due to use. In addition, plastic caps help protect system components, extending their life over time.

BMP Tappi for automotive and pneumatics

As you have seen, the functions of plastic caps in the automotive and pneumatics sector are multiple, and using plastic instead of other materials offers many advantages.

In this article we have seen only some of the main characteristics, considering that the plastic caps in the automotive sector can also be used as protection for the power train (i.e. the engine) and the underbody, safeguarding all the elements from dust, dirt, and damages. What about the benefits? Certainly, a longer life and a gain in terms of safety.

At BMP Tappi, in particular, we supply different types of caps for every motor vehicle, including pressure models for pneumatics, also with internal or external threading. In addition, we also make custom caps – in different colours, shapes, and sizes – to meet the needs of our customers.

Thanks to cutting-edge machinery, in our factory we also design and build customized molds to offer safe, long-lasting, easy-to-install, and high-quality products that can beautify and protect every mechanism of the vehicle, from cars to motorcycles. Ideal for a first installation or spare parts.

Our plus? We strongly believe in sustainability, and for this reason, our series of technical plastic caps are biodegradable. Disposed of correctly, at the end of their use, they begin to degrade on their own without releasing polluting substances into the environment.


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