The world of custom caps at 360 degrees: from design to implementation

Customizing plastic caps is a key solution to accommodate the needs of some customers.

In fact, standard plastic caps cannot always meet the needs of a project or easily adapt to a process. Therefore, some companies in the piping, mechanical, automotive, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical industries require custom-made products or color-customized products, with the inclusion of logos, or trademarks.

It is actually possible to vary the color, the size and the materials of the plastic caps to turn them into a functional product, thus meeting market needs and customer requirements. Let’s take a closer look at what this is about and how this process takes place.

Plastic technical caps: what they are and how to customize them

Plastic technical caps are products designed to perform a certain function. Depending on the areas in which they are used, and the position in which they are inserted, they can perform a protective, sealing, or insulating function.

For example, one of the purposes of plastic caps in the oleodynamics sector is to be used in industrial machines to protect them and prevent leakage of liquids. They can then be used in the hydraulics industry to insulate or seal pipes or in the automotive industry to preserve various parts of components to be assembled.
Each cap, therefore, serves a specific function and is designed-in all aspects-to meet certain needs. Plastic is certainly one of the most widely used materials for making technical caps because it is versatile, durable, lightweight, easy to work with, and cost-effective.


Customized plastic caps: color

Black, white, gray, red, yellow: standard technical caps can be found in a variety of colors. A company, however, may have specific needs-both technical and aesthetic-and seek a technical cap of a different color than the standard one.

Cap color customization, therefore, allows a range of special colors to be evaluated from among all those available in stock in BMP. This is a useful service, for example, for an incumbent company that manufactures machinery in a specific color and needs end caps that respect its design. Not to mention the benefits it can bring in terms of brand recognition.
In addition, the color can also identify the function of the cap (disposable, temporary, permanent).


Size customization of plastic caps

Plastic cap manufacturers can also create tailor-made caps. In fact, some companies require unique products with specific dimensions that do not exist in the catalog.

In this case, customization is designed together with the customer. The goal is to develop a cap that ensures absolute compatibility with the components of a special machine or system.

A service requested by many companies, especially those in the medical or automotive fields, or those who design cutting-edge machines.


Customized materials of plastic caps

Plastic materials can be customized according to use and functionality to meet production or business sustainability needs.

For example, you can choose from the materials below:

  • BIO: fully biodegradable and recyclable technical caps.
  • PCR type: made from end-consumer waste
  • PIR type: made from industry-generated waste


Custom plastic caps with brand, inscriptions and logo

A plastic cap, in addition to its shape and color, can be customized with a logo, an inscription, corporate branding or a phrase.

These particular plastic caps are useful for brand awareness and are often used in the automotive and tire industries. In this way, the cap serves a dual function: it protects an item and promotes the company.

Symbols, inscriptions and barcodes, however, have other purposes as well. Barcodes, for example, can be useful for tracking a product, a logo can carry directions for cap disposal, and an inscription can advise its assembly or disassembly.

At BMP TAPPI we customize your technical caps: here is how

At BMP TAPPI we make customized plastic caps to meet all our customers’ requirements. When a cap is not available in the catalog we study together the different possibilities, evaluating all possible options to find the perfect solution.

We do this by involving our in-house technicians, our research and development department and, when necessary, the marketing department to recommend and develop the best customized technical cap for the desired application. We take care of the design phase by defining the design, recommending the best material and how to incorporate your logo or inscription into the product.

Once the customer approves the design, we proceed with the construction or modification of the mold and the molding of the desired quantities. At BMP TAPPI, we guarantee on-time deliveries, even when it comes to custom fabrications.

All caps are always tested and meet specific conformity standards.


Do you need custom caps?

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