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Bmp Tappi
Codice serie: EC
Materiale: Thermoplastic Rubber (TPE)
Colore: blue

Standard colour and material can be changed on demand

Bmp TappiEC-1/811,39,612,410-121/83/8-7/16
Bmp TappiEC-1/413,312,312,4141/41/2-9/16
Bmp TappiEC-3/817,315,613163/85/8
Bmp TappiEC-1/220,819,818,620-221/2
Bmp TappiEC-3/425,624,42225-263/4
Bmp TappiEC-135,431,721,532-3611.3/8
Bmp TappiEC-1.1/441,337,520,8401.1/41.1/2
Bmp TappiEC-1.1/248,544,326,4501.1/2
Bmp TappiEC-26259,22856-582

All measures are expressed in millimeters

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Easycap (Img 3)
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