105. Nut stopper rings

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Bmp Tappi
Codice serie: A
Materiale: Polyethylene (PE)
Colore: green

Standard colour and material can be changed on demand

Bmp TappiA-035Inserto 3/16''6,78,2132,42,30,7
Bmp TappiA-069Inserto 1/4''7,9142,22,30,7
Bmp TappiA-038Inserto 5/16''8,7152,42,30,7
Bmp TappiA-070Inserto 3/8''11,4182,62,30,7
Bmp TappiA-037Inserto 1/2''14,916,721,72,52,80,9
Bmp TappiA-043Inserto 5/8''17,919,726,93,62,80,9
Bmp TappiA-071Inserto 3/4''21,823,6303,22,80,9
Bmp TappiA-072Inserto 1''2829,837,23,72,80,9
Bmp TappiA-042Inserto 1.1/4''35,23745430,9
Bmp TappiA-040Inserto 1.1/2''41,843,651,6430,9
Bmp TappiA-044Inserto 2''54,556,366,55,130,9

All measures are expressed in millimeters

Nut stopper rings
Nut stopper rings (Img 1)