Le bioplastiche per la produzione di tappi

The importance of bioplastics in cap production

In recent years we hear a lot about bioplastics. A material designed to respect the planet, which is an excellent alternative to traditional plastics and retains all their main characteristics.

After all, companies and end consumers are increasingly concerned about sustainability and thus inclined to purchase products and components made from alternative materials to classic polymers, such as BIO plastic (which is easier to recycle).

Confirmation of this trend also comes from the European Bioplastics data showing that

“global bioplastics production in 2023 reached 2.81 million tons (or 0.5 percent of total plastics consumed worldwide)”

with a forecast of at least 7.43 million tons by 2028.

A significantly growing market. But what are bioplastics? What benefits can be gained by choosing products made from this material? Let’s find out now!

What are bioplastics?

A bioplastic is a polymer recreated in the laboratory from biodegradable sources and/or raw materials of non-fossil origin such as sugarcane, cornstarch, food waste, plants and even algae. It can be, therefore, both of biological and biodegradable origin.

It was created to offer a solution to traditional plastics-composed of fossil fuels such as petroleum-that humans cannot always dispose of properly. An important topic we have already discussed while analyzing some fake news about plastics.

Are all bioplastics the same?

To be defined as such, bioplastics must meet at least one of these two requirements:

  • be derived from renewable and naturally occurring raw materials
  • be biodegradable, avoiding negative impacts on the environment

However, a BIO plastic is not always also biodegradable. Some types, in fact, can also originate from fossil fuel and must, therefore, be recycled differently.

Characteristics of BIO plastics

Whatever the composition, bioplastic enjoys the same qualities as traditional plastic. It is therefore:

  • lightweight
  • durable
  • strong
  • flexible
  • versatile

Because of these characteristics, BIO plastic is used in a variety of fields, including in cap production.

The advantages of using bioplastics in cap production

Choosing bioplastics to produce components and caps can be beneficial in several ways, especially for the environment, because they can reduce the use of fossil materials and greenhouse gas emissions.

They also allow us to produce significantly less waste at the end of a product’s life, thus respecting the planet.

But that’s not all: the characteristics of the materials, which are entirely similar to classic plastic, make bioplastics suitable for a variety of uses.

BIO plastic caps, for example, provide the same performance as traditional products with an added advantage: they meet the growing need to satisfy more sustainability-conscious consumers.

Industrial bio caps? Major areas of use

Those who choose products made from bioplastics want materials that are safe, reliable, durable, and that can improve sustainability and the environmental impact.

As mentioned, BIO plastics are an excellent alternative to classical polymers derived only from fossil materials and can be used in a variety of areas.

They are used mainly in the automotive industry in caps to prevent spills, leakage of liquids, and to protect exposed parts. They are also widely used in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals for making containers, undercaps and lids.

Sustainability and bioplastics: a green turn with caps from BMP TAPPI

Bioplastics for green caps, BMP TAPPI

Sustainability is one of the great values of BMP TAPPI. In fact, in the catalog you can find items made from PCR-origin materials (obtained by recycling consumer plastic waste) and PIR-origin materials (created from waste generated by industrial waste). In addition, we have long been making BIO plastic caps on request.

Our challenge is to make our production greener. That is why we are working so that our customers can obtain all major series of BMP TAPPI made from bioplastics, perhaps by customizing them to suit their needs. A response that also meets the growing need – of our direct customers as well as of end consumers – to use substances that are increasingly less impactful and environmentally friendly.

We think that a concrete gesture, even the smallest one, is helpful in safeguarding our planet. Therefore, in addition to choosing the most sustainable materials, we must also remember to dispose of them properly.


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