Le protezioni in plastica utilizzate nel settore industriale

The most widely used industrial plastic protections

There are various plastic protections that are used in the industrial sector as a kind of “shield,” to safeguard and isolate certain important components of a machine or system. They are elements that represent reliable, durable, versatile and long-lasting solutions suitable for various industrial applications.

But what are the most commonly used protections?

Plastic protections in industrial settings: the 4 most commonly used types

As we anticipated, plastic caps in the industrial sector are often used to cover or insulate the outside of some important elements such as screws, pipes, valves and other smaller components. Components that are often found in various fields–such as, for example, food, construction, chemical and cosmetics–of which mainly 4 types are used:

  1. round caps
  2. flange covers and protections
  3. threaded caps
  4. covers and undercaps

Let us delve deeper into all these product categories.

1. Round caps

One of the most widely used categories in the world are plastic round caps. They are used, mainly, in the field of hydraulics and pneumatics. Their function? For example, they are useful for sealing the ends of a pipe, protecting the chamfers of fittings or industrial equipment from the leakage of fluids, air or gases, and the entry of foreign bodies.

2. Flange covers and protections

Flange caps are very common protective elements used to safeguard the flanges or valves of a piece of machinery. They preserve pipes and other elements from potential damage caused by the entry of foreign bodies (such as dust, contaminants, or corrosive substances). They are flexible, but stronger than round caps, and there are many types: whether for plumbing connections, sealing joints, or food systems.

Take a look at our dedicated section: flange protections.

3. Threaded caps

Threaded caps are used to protect different types of threads, both male and female, in metallurgy, manufacturing, construction and hydraulics. Their role? To provide a secure cover or closure, preventing spills and leaks. Such protection helps prevent damage to machinery, preserve it, improve safety and increase system efficiency.

Learn about our specific products: threaded caps and thread protection.

4. Covers and undercaps

They are very versatile items used in a wide variety of industries (including: the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, chemical and packaging fields). Their function is to cover the threads and seal the ends of containers, bottles of creams and medicines, tubes and other items to safeguard the contents from dust, moisture, unintentional damage and prevent spillage, whether in an indoor establishment or in transportation. They are suitable for both light and heavy industry.

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The advantages of plastic protections in the industrial sector

The versatility and strength of the material is certainly one of the reasons why plastic protection is preferred in industry. Easy to work with and very flexible, plastic is:

  • lightweight
  • robust
  • durable
  • can be molded according to different industry requirements

In addition, you can choose the type of plastic best suited to your needs and customize the cap.

1. Different materials for one purpose

There are different types of plastic – such as polyethylene or PVC – to be evaluated for each area of use, from automotive and pneumatics to cosmetics. How to choose the most suitable plastic cap? According to the industry and purpose.

Do you care about the environment? At BMP TAPPI we care about sustainability, and in our catalog you will also find a series of environmentally sustainable caps and caps made from PCR recycled plastic.


BMP TAPPI sustainable plastic for industrial caps


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2. Cap customization

Plastic is lightweight, cost-effective, and can be customized according to one’s needs. At BMP TAPPI, for example, we undertake 360 degree caps customization, from their conceptualization according to their specific function to aesthetics, offering design consultation all the way to the material realization of the product.

A useful aspect for those who need plastic caps of precise dimensions (to ensure maximum compatibility with the components of a particular machine or system), color, and shape.

3. It is used in multiple areas and sectors

As mentioned above, thanks to their many qualities, plastic protective caps can be used in a variety of industries, from the simplest to the most complex applications.

Choosing the right cap protects an element or an entire piece of machinery and/or system, even for a long time, averting damage related to corrosion, contact with dust or other aggressive agents, and wear and tear. In addition, you can:

  • implement the safety of the system or machinery
  • preserve the functionality of the product or system for a long time

Obviously, depending on the intended use, plastic protections will have different characteristics and specifications.


Choose the right protection for your industry, rely on BMP TAPPI!